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From when she turned scary..... Young Bloody Mary 

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When you’re a Tudor princess, as many people hate you as love you, and for Princess Mary, those who hate her will stop at nothing to prevent her becoming Queen. To defeat them, she must take her first steps to becoming Bloody Mary – England’s most infamous queen.

The second book in the Royal Misadventure Diaries series

Available worldwide from the publisher here!


Recital of Love


For more information please watch the beautiful trailer video below.


Recital of Love is a collection of treasures gathered up in prayer. Each one focuses on something precious to God, hopefully giving us an insight into his heart and the grace to look at life with a different, more eternal perspective.


Written as nuggets of wisdom and encouragement in poetic prose, these pieces are garnered from silent contemplation, and presented to be savoured by all God’s beloved children.


Recital of Love trailer from Paraclete Press

Other Works

CP4TW 2nd edition cover ebook Rowan brig
Christian Prayers for the World
Free Ebook​


A book of Christian prayers for use in intercession at church or home. It covers subjects from natural disasters to everyday concerns. Adaptable, heartfelt prayers written in a style that mixes practical concern with poetic compassion. Prayers in this book may be used freely within Church and Christian settings. This useful little book has been downloaded all over the world over 3000 times! 

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Garden of God's Heart

“There are books that are beautifully written, books that tell great stories, books that contain deep spiritual truths and books which speak grace to the heart. Rarely is there is a book that does all these.   This is such a book… I hope you will love it as much as I do.”

Jennifer Rees Larcombe, acclaimed author and speaker, founder of Beauty From Ashes


A book of 365 meditations inspired by the wonders of the humble English garden, and accompanied by black and white photographs throughout,  this is a treasure trove of a devotional that you will come back to again and again. Written to deepen our understanding of how creation speaks out the glory of God, each day’s piece of poetic prose contains nuggets of revelation to inspire and delight. 

Whale Song

Whale Song: Choosing Life with Jonah is an exploration of the depths of despair, and how we rise from them. Part Bible study, part reflection on the angst of depression, the author takes us with Jonah through his journey to preach to the city of Nineveh via a storm, the seabed and his time in the belly of a giant fish in parallel with her own experience of feeling suicidal. Focussing on the step of faith that is Jonah’s song called out from the deep, this personal reflection is profound, compassionate and ultimately hopeful about life and its many struggles.

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