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Artwork by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt.

My passion is working in pastels. My inspiration comes largely from nature and from the personality of my subjects, my favourites being portraiture, wildlife and seascapes, though I'll happily paint anything! I describe my style as “Realism with a hint of magic,” loving the challenge of capturing something of a soul on paper, and am constantly amazed by the range of colours to be found in the most unlikely places.

As a disabled person, I use my art to bring the outdoors inside and work with a range of photographers to inspire my pictures. My Christian faith is a constant encouragement and leads me to create joyful encounters with my subjects.


After winning and completing a year’s scholarship at Heather Harman’s Pastel Academy in a competition sponsored by Unison Colour Pastels, I'm now building my portfolio and am always keen to learn and practice to improve. I'm a journeyer (juried) member of the Pastel Guild of Europe and recently placed third in one of their prestigious monthly "Get Dusty" competitions. 

Since 2022 I've begun venturing into the world of illustration and design, which is immense fun! I've added a NEW section below where you can see some of my pieces. 


If you have questions about my artwork, do use our contact form.  All images are copyright Keren Dibbens-Wyatt and appear here for viewing purposes only. Please do not share or save without permission. Thank you. Click on an image to view. 


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