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Below you will find links to all Keren's writing and ministry work currently out there in webland.  See what grabs you and check it out. Be inspired!


Social Media

I'm currently locked out and locking horns with Facebook, but there is plenty of archive material on my page "The Honeycomb Hermit."  I'm @HoneycombHermit on X/Twitter and Instagram too, as well as on Substack and Cara, where I am just setting out. 

You can also subscribe to my occasional newsletter here or below, which incorporates news about new books, writing and art. See you soon!


Articles and Fiction

I write for a number of journals and blogs. You can find my work at, Contemplative Light, The Mudroom Blog, The Redbud Hyphen, Fathom magazine, CBE International, The Upper Room, More than Writers, The Thinking Faith Project, Paragraph Planet and many others. I can't list everything here so do have a Google and see what comes up! 

A couple of highlights have been being one of the winners of a short story competition at Fathom

and a popular piece my friend Pastor Steve Wickham asked me to write about beginning contemplative prayer in isolation.

Some recent popular pieces have been "The Cell and the Snail" for the Redbud Post and

"Sacred Thresholds," for The Mudroom blog. I hope they bless you.

If you enjoy my writing do check out my latest book, Recital of Love, on the Books page and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter. 

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Lakelight Sanctuary

Here you will find a website run by Keren and her husband Rowan. Lakelight is a Christian refuge online for lost and weary pilgrims. It has been created in response to a vision given to Keren to help the broken experience holy encounter through prayer, art and nature. We hope one day it will be a real place for people to visit and be refreshed. For now we begin with a website and occasional blog. There are also resources here for relaxation and contemplation. 

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